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What is Boiling Over?

In Boiling Over, you play as Hazel, a part-time college student who is saving up for a study abroad program by working as a barista!

Hazel and Brew
As a barista, it is your job to craft delicious beverages for all of the lovely customers who walk into the store. However, some customers are anything but lovely. Some are jerks. Even worse, some are jerks AND are transphobic. Gross!

As Hazel, how do you deal with your already-strenuous coffee-making job? Do you practice your best customer service voice and put up with the abuse of caffeine-addicted customers while pretending that that lady didn’t just aggressively misgender you? Or do you stand up for yourself against these people, risking your job and your paycheck? It is up to you to balance your stamina with your tip earnings and your job performance.Hazel doesn't have time for your transphobic bullshit.


Craft Drinks

Learn how to operate different coffee machines in ultra-simple mini-games. Each machine produces its own ingredient. Add ingredients into your cup in different orders to create the perfect drink for your deserving customers!

Deal with Customers

Naughty or nice: it’s your choice! Very simple conversations with customers present you with either an opportunity or a challenge. Do you burn some stamina being nice to a mean person in order to earn a better tip? Or do you act rude to them to blow off some steam and gain stamina? It is always a balancing act between your mental health and your job performance: don’t get fired and don’t burn yourself out!

Be Gay and Be Trans!

Spend a month as Hazel and everyone in her life as you work to save up $1,000 by the end of the month. Plan and schedule your week using a bullet journal. Track your money earned, your future activities, and your past accomplishments all in one menu. Meet a diverse (and still expanding!) cast of queer characters who each have their own stories to tell and whom you can help out with their own arcs.

Content Warning: Transphobia and Misgendering

At its core, Boiling Over is an empowering and uplifting story about queer happiness and the agency of transgender people. However, it also strives to be an authentic game that depicts the real-world issues that transgender people face. You have the option at the start of the game to censor any and all transphobic dialogue. If you choose this option, any and all harmful dialogue will be replaced with an abstract description of what is being said.

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StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorPlush Bunch
TagsCute, LGBT, Mental Health, Narrative, Slice Of Life, Transgender


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This was great! I was so sad when it turned out to be a demo. I look forward to the finished project. This was definitely a highlight of the Queer Bundle.

I'm really glad that you think so! Please consider joining our Discord to follow updates, give us feedback and see our dank memes!

Your Discord invite link is invalid.

Thanks for letting us know! We fixed that!


Looking at this again because of the bundle, and it honestly holds up so well. Not that the other submissions aren't good, but many lack gameplay or are pure visual novels.


I love the vision and goal y'all have for this game. It's really meaningful and I can tell how much love and care y'all have put into this. The art style is so fun! Good luck with the future - wishing y'all the best! <3


<3 <3